2 March 2022

Reluctant pause for our YPlay before/after school care

Due to issues in being short staffed which we can’t alleviate (after many efforts to find solutions), we’ve had to consolidate our staffing into our nurseries and make the reluctant decision that we can no longer offer Y Play before/afterschool care to families in our communities at the moment. [We are working with our youth team to maintain some holiday provision, where we can.]

This decision was only made on Friday and conveyed immediately to families in order to give as much notice as possible.

Our aim is to serve our communities and support families and young people – in body, mind and spirit.

However, we can only do that when we mind our staff colleagues and support them in body, mind and spirit.  When they are working impossible shifts and unable to take leave due, in order to deliver a service, that is not how we can let things remain.

As you may be aware, there is a national crisis around staffing in nurseries (and we are part of the YMCA England & Wales group challenging this at the highest level) and so we need to consolidate our staff into our nurseries accordingly.

Please know that we have not made this decision lightly. We very much regret that we can’t maintain this service for our local families at the moment.

Sincere apologies for the subsequent inconvenience and disruption this is causing.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Dr Annette Daly
Chief Executive Officer