Mission and Values

Our mission is to enable all people to live, learn and share to build a brighter future in mind body and spirit.

We are a local charity that responds to the needs of young people and communities since 1869. We believe that every young person should be able to fulfil theirĀ  potential.

Our values based on our Christian principles:

  • Distinctive – We welcome people of all faiths and none with respect and understanding need.
  • Loving – We will demonstrate the principles of love, kindness and compassion.
  • Sincere – We will challenge discrimination and social injustice and seek to serve others.
  • Persistent – we will do the right thing. Think outside of the box and never give up.
  • Faithful – We will be transparent.
  • Reflective – We will stand with those who face disadvantage or exclusion.
  • Honest – We will work towards the development of the whole person.