YMCA was founded by George Williams – a worker in the drapery trade in London. Concerned about the welfare of his fellow workers, he started a prayer and bible study group. This soon grew and attracted men from across London.


YMCA begins to address other concerns of young men working in the cities. Education classes are developed. Reading rooms and refreshment areas help young men to adjust to urban life


YMCA Worcester was formed


During the Second World War, YMCA introduces mobile canteens, bringing refreshments to the troops. It also supports displaced people, refugees and prisoners of war


During the 1970s, YMCA increases its emphasis on young people most in need, focusing on homelessness and unemployment


This results in many YMCAs beginning youth clubs to promote young people’s personal development


YMCA has over 58 million members in 119 countries worldwide. Since it was established, YMCA has adapted to the changing needs of young people


YMCA Worcestershire is formed after the merge of YMCA Worcester and Redditch


YMCA Worcestershire celebrates 150 year anniversary