16 May 2016

Thank you to Core Tree Who took part in YMCA Worcestershire’s Sleep Easy event read their blog here

Friday 22nd April was YMCA Worcestershire’s Sleep Easy event raising money and awareness for those that are homeless in the county.

It was the first time that I have taken part in a fundraising event for some years and, at the outset, appeared to be the most challenging – sleeping outside for the night.

25 people gathered at Willow Tree’s Community Centre in Redditch where were greeted by a lovely spot of rain which thankfully did not set in for the evening.

We were tasked with constructing our accommodation for the night from cardboard boxes donated by Halfords and Storage King, which thankfully went better that I had expected.

If I am honest, the cardboard contraption that we managed erect was a relatively comfortable bed for the night and it wasn’t as cold as we first thought.

The event made me appreciate the struggle that those without a home go through on a daily basis. Having to find somewhere to sleep each night, gathering whatever they can find to sleep on is something that I couldn’t imagine doing.

Our evening sleeping outside was only a taste of what it is like not to have a warm bed to go to but I have certainly learnt a great deal about how those fortunate to have a have a home take small things for granted.

The event raised a total of £1,800 which will go towards helping those within the YMCA that has experienced being homelessness to better themselves. This pot of funds is vital to helping people take the next step to getting their lives back on track and finding a purpose.

It is important for local business to support local charities that help local people It was great to see local business support Sleep Easy donating Fish and Chips from Golden Carp Matchbourgh  and Church Hill Chippy. Breakfast was kindly donated by McDonald’s Moons Moat.