16 May 2016

Shaw Trust, in partnership with St Basil’s and YMCA, was awarded £1.5m by The Big Lottery Fund in 2014 to support young people in Worcestershire who are struggling the most to find career opportunities. Many of the young people on the programme have experienced barriers to work such as social exclusion, learning difficulties and homelessness.

Before Talent Match, Jamie was not in employment or education, nor was he in receipt of benefits. He had no identification or bank account. Jamie was often in trouble with the police.

Jamie has been working on the Talent Match project for 14 months. His primary objectives were to gain identification, set up a bank account and obtain full-time employment. Jamie has now been in full-time employment for 12 months. Jamie has realised the importance of working and now has the funds to buy things for himself. Jamie has said he would not have been able to get to the stage he is at now without his key worker.

Jamie has achieved his goals through determination and commitment; our Talent Match key workers guided Jamie through the journey and allowed him to see his full potential.

“ My life has changed for the better. I can go to places I have never been .”

Jamie is now looking forward to his bright future with his family.