17 June 2020

As we welcome back more children to our nurseries after lockdown, Our Early Years and Childcare teams have been taking all the necessary steps to keep children, parents, and our staff team safe.

We are following Government and NHS guidelines in all our nursery and childcare settings and have gathered valuable experience in our nurseries that remained open during the COVID-19 crisis.

We understand that this can be a challenging time for you and your children and we have set out steps that prepare children for the changes as they return to nursery.

The steps we have taken are necessary to ensure children, parents and staff are kept safe. The follow the guidelines set out by the Department for Education.

This includes:

Arrival and collections: We have put in place measures to ensure social distancing takes place during arrival and collection of your child. This includes taking temperature checks of children when they arrive.

Hygiene Regime: Strict hygiene measures have been implemented to include regular cleaning of hands,  surfaces and to minimise the risk of cross infection.

PPE: Some staff will be wearing PPE for drop off and pick up however once in their bubbles staff will not be wearing PPE as standard. Staff will wear PPE whilst changing nappies and preparing meals as normal.