29 April 2016

Sleep Easy is a YMCA fundraising initiative raising money to help change the lives of vulnerable young people. Since the event began in 2010, an almost £1million pound has been raised by hundreds of people who chose to sleep rough for just one night.

The aim is simple: spend a night sleeping rough to highlight the issue of youth homelessness and raise vital funds to support the work of your local YMCA. Your money goes directly to the local YMCA projects; impacting your community and helping young people in your town build a future.

At YMCA Worcestershire, we provide a safe place to stay for over 150 people each night. We provide mental health counselling and workshops to young people across Worcestershire. Our aim is to improve the lives of local people in mind, body and spirit. Sleep Easy not only enables us to continue to change the lives of young people, it also raises awareness of youth homelessness. It allows more people to truly empathise with those who don’t have a home for one night.

Having said sleep easy only gives an idea of what rough sleepers endure every night. We are secure, we have access to toilets, hot drinks and we are in it together. So yes we may be cold and uncomfortable for a few hours beneath the stars. But we have fun and games music and toasted marshmallows over the fire. One of the famous activities during the evening is ‘build the box’ this gets everyone’s creative brain ticking in building the best shelter for the evening.


Sleep Easy is a challenging event, many taking part take their homes, warm bed and fully stocked cupboards for granted. By sleeping rough to support those who don’t have these minutes from their homes is a huge eye opener. Taking part allows YMCA to create a bigger long term change for those less fortunate.

After Sleep Easy we hope you begin to think differently about what it may be like to have no place to call home. We hope that those taking part will spread the message about what they did and the work YMCA do.


“I am taking part in sleep easy because I want to help those that are less fortunate than I am”7

Sleep Easy is happening 22nd April 2016 at Willow Trees Community Centre. Everyone is welcome to take part join us!

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