20 June 2024

Lynsey has blessed us with her infectious laugh and kind heart for 15 years! Time flies when you’re surrounded by love, laughter, and learning. She says –

“I still remember the first day I left university and came to Squirrels nursery and boy was that a shock. How everything I had learnt seemed to have not prepared me for REAL nursery life; The fast pace, all the different characters of the children in one room, the billions of nappies you must change throughout the day and how sometimes things just do not go quite as planned. However, the staff on day one supported me with a lot of love and built up my confidence. They made me the practitioner I am today. And that is why I like to show my colleagues the same love that I received on my first day. The people I work with are like family, I love the values we follow within our nursery in caring, loving and supporting one another. We’ve had highs and lows (more highs, thank goodness!) but as a loving team we have got through some rough storms and boy do we celebrate well too! I have to say I do enjoy coming into work every day. When I walk into work, I am greeted by 50 hugs and smiles by little people and this is a lovely reminder of why I love my job. My main life priority is to ensure that every child feels loved, love is the foundation of life.”

We are ever thankful to have staff as dedicated and wonderful as Lynsey in our nursery setting!