4 January 2024

In a powerful collaboration, two YMCA youth groups, the Youth Impact Group and the Beacon Youth Committee, organised a impactful sleep-out event on January 4, 2024. With a total of 22 young participants, the groups meticulously planned every detail, from menu choices (a yummy veggie chilli!) to designing sleeping areas with street resources such as cardboard and paper crafts.

Fourteen resilient youths braved the cold all night, demonstrating solidarity with homeless young people. The event went beyond enduring the elements; it simulated street life, limiting modern technology use and enjoying simple activities like singing (with the help of Dave’s guitar of course), games, and sleeping under the stars.

Setting out to raise £250 for youth homelessness, the teams surpassed expectations with an impressive £570 (and counting) total. These funds support the YMCA housing team’s efforts in addressing youth homelessness.

Led by Michael Hall and Ashleigh Lowe, the event showcased the dedication and collaborative spirit of the young participants. The sleep-out not only raised significant funds but also fostered unity and empathy, highlighting the potential for positive change when young individuals unite for a shared goal.

Congratulations to the Youth Impact Group, the Beacon Youth Committee, and everyone involved for making this sleep-out a resounding success!