14 June 2024

? Since launching our General Election Manifesto in January, YMCA has been calling on the next Government to put young people’s priorities back on the agenda in five key areas:
?️ More affordable housing
? Access to youth clubs
? Enough money for essential needs
? Mental health support
? Good education for the best start in life

In November 2019, it was found that nearly 1 in 3 young people (20-24-year-olds) were not registered to vote in the run up to the 2019 General Election. That is thousands of young people missing out on their chance to have their say.
Time may be tight, but it’s time we can use.

Here are some FAQ’s answered!
? When is the general election?
– 4th July 2024!

? When do you need to register by?
– Your last chance to register to vote will be
11:59pm on Tuesday 18 June. If you aren’t
registered by then, you won’t be able to vote in
this General Election.

? Is registering to vote time consuming?
– No. It’s so simple.
Visit: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
The only thing that you will need to hand is your
National Insurance number. This can be found on
your payslip or on letters from the Government
about benefits, tax or pensions.
The rest of the questions are straightforward,
including your date of birth, address etc.
Once you have registered, that’s it.

? What if I want to remain anonoymous?
– We understand that some young people YMCAs work
with will, for security reasons, not want to have
their name included on the electoral register.
You can opt out of the open register which is
available to anyone who wants to buy a copy.
Opting out does not affect your right to vote.

Find out more information here:

The General Election is coming. ?️ – July 4th!