Annerte Daly CEO

18 December 2020


We are delighted to announce the appointment of a new Chief Executive, Dr Annette Daly. She joined the organisation at the beginning of this week on 14th December.

Dr Annette Daly previously was the Diocesan Director of Education in the Diocese of Monmouth, Wales where she worked closely with church school leaders, school governors as well as local authorities and the Welsh Government.

This is an exciting time for YMCA Worcestershire and as we welcome Annette to the team to shape the strategic direction and focus for the organisation across the county.

The appointment marks a new chapter for YMCA Worcestershire following on from Duncan Berry who held the CEO position for 15 years and has now joined YMCA England and Wales as their Company Secretary.

“I am delighted to join YMCA Worcestershire where our aim is to enable all young people to fulfil their potential in body, mind and spirit.  I am impressed by how the team has risen to the challenges caused by the ongoing pandemic and found ways to sustain and grow connections with young people across Worcestershire.

It is my personal aim to do all I can to support the team and enable us to grow in our positive impact on local communities while developing constructive partnerships with those who have similar aims.  It is my privilege to be appointed to this role.”