10 May 2024

As the Children and Families Manager for the Hewell Rainbow Project, Nicki is at the heart of fostering strong family bonds and supporting the wellbeing of children with an incarcerated parent. She oversees Family Days, craft workshops, and the Storybook Dads program, ensuring these activities run smoothly and provide a nurturing environment for families to connect. Thanks to Nicki’s 17 years of dedication, families feel less traumatised and more focused on building strong relationships, leading to improved life chances and self-esteem for the children involved. Helen plays a vital role as Family & Intervention Co-ordinator by delivering Hidden Sentence training to school staff and children’s services. Her sessions raise awareness about the challenges faced by children with a parent in prison, equipping professionals to offer better support. Additionally, Helen organises impactful workshops like “Me and My Dad” and “Bumps to Babies,” helping incarcerated fathers understand their actions’ consequences and work towards mending family ties. Her efforts contribute to reduced re-offending rates and smoother resettlement outcomes. Both Nicki and Helen are essential to the success of the Hewell Rainbow Project, making a profound difference in the lives of the families they support.