1 September 2015

Here’s our categories for our 2015 Bake Off, taking place on Saturday 3rd October. You can apply here.

You will bake in advance, in the comfort of your lovely kitchen, and bring your entries along with you.

There are 4 categories to choose from read below and see which one takes your fancy
Category 1: Classic bake – Your bake which could be a fruit, chocolate or sponge- icing is optional! Please display on a cake stand or plate
Category 2: Cupcake Connoisseur- 6 Beautifully decorated cupcakes should all be from one recipe, but decoration of the cupcake can vary. Please display on a cake stand or plate
Category 3: Star Junior Bake- (under 16’s only with parental consent) B Our junior bakers can enter either:– 12 cupcakes with design and flavoring of your choice!– A tasty tray bake, cut into squares or rectangles – 12 biscuits or cookies
Category 4) Tasty Tray bake – Any tray bake goes in this category – cake, brownie, flapjacks, millionaire shortbread.. Anything! It doesn’t matter as long as it is tasty. Please present your tray bake cut up into squares or rectangles on a plate or stand.